The Environmental Digest
In a world where the delicate bond between humanity and nature is often overshadowed by the urgency of survival, it’s time to rekindle our ancestral respect for the environment. Lebanon, with its rich heritage deeply intertwined with nature, stands at the crossroads of tradition and progress. Amidst the challenges we face daily, we believe in a harmonious coexistence – the Oneness of Man and Nature, driving us toward a sustainable tomorrow. Through these digital pages, we illuminate both local and global environmental concerns, reawakening a sense of responsibility for the land that sustains us. Join us on a journey that celebrates our cultural reverence for nature and seeks to restore its rightful place in our lives. Together, we confront nature crimes, championing the protection of our shared heritage. Let’s transform challenges into opportunities and make our Lebanese landscapes flourish once more, embodying a future where vitality, culture, and sustainability flourish side by side.


The Political News
Step into the heart of Lebanese politics through the lens of the Green Party. Our ‘Political News’ corner offers a focused perspective on our nation’s journey towards a just and vibrant society. With unwavering respect for diversity and a commitment to democracy, we navigate the intricate tapestry of our political landscape. Freedoms and human rights are our guiding lights, and as advocates for a modern state, we champion an engaged citizenship. From local matters to global dynamics, we explore the nuances of sound administrative decentralization and the promise of a free yet orderly economic system. Embracing nonviolence, we amplify voices, fostering openness and international cooperation. Join us as we unveil the heartbeat of progress, highlighting equal rights and duties, and shaping a narrative of hope for Lebanon.