Oil Slick Damage Compensation Conference – Saturday, July 15, 2023




The Oil Slick Conference held on the 15th of July marked a significant advancement from the initial meeting with Minister Nasser Yassine on April 8th. The conference brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including government officials, environmental experts, and activists, to address the critical issue of the oil slick in Lebanon. This event showcased the Green Party of Lebanon’s commitment to raising awareness and advocating for environmental justice on multiple fronts.


A Unified Effort:
The conference, hosted by the Green Party of Lebanon, took place at their headquarters in Beirut and drew the presence of prominent figures, such as Minister of Environment Dr. Nasser Yassine, Members of Parliament Dr. Najat Saliba and Faysal Sayegh, representatives from various political parties, and leaders from environmental organizations. The primary goal was to form a three-dimensional alliance encompassing local, regional, and international efforts to address the pressing matter of the oil slick and its far-reaching consequences.

Key Moments from the Conference:
The conference began with an opening speech by Journalist Patricia Samaha, highlighting the alliance’s objective to champion the cause of environmental justice. A section of the Oil Spill documentary created by the Lebanese Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the IUCN World Conservation Union and the Italian Cooperation (Cooperazione Italiana),  was presented, shedding light on the devastating impacts of the oil slick, setting the tone for the discussions that followed. Speakers from various parties and organizations emphasized the need for unity, cooperation, and international recognition of Lebanon’s rights in seeking compensation for damages. (linked videos available at the end)

Green Party of Lebanon President’s Speech:
A notable highlight of the conference was the speech delivered by the Green Party of Lebanon’s President Fadi Abi Allam. His address encapsulated the history, impact, and implications of the oil slick crisis. President Abi Allam emphasized the violation of international agreements by Israel and proposed concrete steps to ensure Lebanon’s just compensation. This pivotal speech underscored the Green Party of Lebanon’s dedication to advocating for environmental and social justice. (speech transcript to be published soon)


The Oil Slick Conference held on July 15th demonstrated the unwavering commitment of the Green Party of Lebanon to driving positive change. Building upon the groundwork laid during the initial meeting with Minister Nasser Yassine on April 8th, this conference marked a significant stride forward. Our collective efforts, encompassing various stakeholders, underscore our dedication to advancing environmental justice. For continuous updates on this pivotal issue and our ongoing endeavors to combat oil spillage in Lebanon, please stay connected with the Green Party of Lebanon through our website.

GPL Oil Spill Conference Speakers_EN

Speakers and Host of the Oil Slick Damage Compensation Conference held on 15 July, 2023


Program of the Oil Spill Conference - 2023 July 15

Agenda of the Oil Slick Damage Compensation Conference held on 15th of July, 2023


Below is the series of the documentary on the Oil Slick caused by the 2006 attack on the Jiyeh Power Plant. Out of around 75,000 tonnes of Heavy fuel oil stored in the power plant storage tanks, around 12 — 15,000 tonnes spilled and the rest burnt.

As a consequence, Lebanon turned to 31 countries, 71 National and International Organizations, in addition to 80 Non-Governmental Organizations for help mitigate this Environmental Crisis that is to this day, impacting the Lebanese marine life. More information about the strategy taken to mitigate the pollution caused by the attack can be found here: https://t.ly/V_aa0


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