Request support to help Beirut after the explosion disaster

In the midst of an unprecedented stifling economic crisis afflicting Lebanon, a catastrophic explosion occurred in the port of Beirut. It killed 200 people and injured 6,500. The Beirut port explosion has also demolished thousands of residential and heritage buildings, public and private institutions of all kinds, and caused great damage to hospitals. Now more than 300,000 Lebanese families are without a shelter. This great disaster, and based on the principles of the Lebanese Green Party and the national and humanitarian sense of its participants, members of the party are preparing statistics, survey the damage, provide food and medicine aid especially chronic ones, and contribute to the restoration of the buildings through the available donations and support. The need is massive.

The Lebanese Green Party is raising a campaign to secure the support needed to meet urgent and necessary needs. Your support and support from all humanitarian institutions around the world is vital.

President of Green Party Lebanon Make a financial donation through the official website of the party

For inquiries and in-kind donation, send an email

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